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What’s included in your fishing charter in Cabo San Lucas?


Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Your fish mobile — Our 38’ Blackfin, fishing in Cabo San Lucas.


We often use ballyhoo for live bait. Depending on what the bait fisherman have in stock for us. Always fresh, live and purchased as we head out on charter right from the bait boat.

We also have top of the line tackle, squids, teasers, and quality equipment.

Update about filleting: We used to fillet fish for free for our guests, but this is no longer allowed in Cabo. Charter operators cannot fillet fish for guests anymore. You’ll need to take it to a place like Gricelda’s Smokehouse. They do a great job, and we can help get you connected with them when we come back in from fishing.

No Taxes or
other fees

You might see lower sticker prices around Cabo San Lucas, but then they add 16% tax, permit fees anywhere from $18-28 per person, bait charges, processing fees for using a credit card, and on, and on.

It adds up pretty quickly and all of a sudden that cheaper deal isn’t looking so stellar.

With Kingfish, the price you see is precisely to-the-penny what you’ll pay.

Eat real food.

You’re offshore — no land in sight. You‘ve worked up an appetite reelin’ in those fish.

Now your stomach rumbles.

Is some dry and flavorless store-bought “sandwich” really going to save the day?

You’re a real live human being with feelings and taste buds!

Have your own private chef prepare a proper meal, always fresh, always made aboard.

Click here to see your charter menu.

Breakfast is also included: Coffee, tea, juices, a fruit platter and carb load it up with some pastries.

Unlimited Cervezas
& Margaritas, YEAUW!

That’s right, open bar for your entire charter. This includes beers, margaritas, rum, whiskey, vodka and mixers.

Oh and I almost forgot… bottled water, soft drinks, Topo Chico club soda.

No extra cost to you at all.


We release all marlin, sailfish and any billfish. They’re incredibly important to the ecosystem and simply don’t have the volume to be caught and kept by hundreds of boats that hit the water every day in Cabo.

If you’re thinking for a trophy — all we need is a photo of the fish. Most trophies these days are just replicas from photos. If you’re thinking for cooking, there are plenty of tastier fish in the sea to go after. Marlin aren’t great table fare.

Good news though! Other fish like dorado, tuna, wahoo, snapper, grouper, etc., are good to go! Great for cooking and they all put up a fun fight!

38′ Blackfin

What’s it
gunna cost?
We keep it real

Pick the charter that suits you best, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Each of these charters include 1-4 guests, all your live bait, licenses, breakfast, lunch, open bar, coffee, tea, fruit platter are all included.

No other taxes or fees. Not now, not ever.


  • Full Timer

  • Saltwater runs through your veins. You can sense the fish from miles away! 8 hours on the water and you’ll still want more! This is your kind of day.
  • Includes 1-4 Guests
  • All-Inclusive (Open Bar, Breakfast & Lunch)
  • No taxes or extra fees
  • $35/pp additional guests
  • 6 guests max


  • Goin’ For It

  • The Goldilocks of charter times for many. Not too long, not too short. Six hours is just right.
  • Includes 1-4 Guests
  • All-Inclusive (Open Bar, Breakfast & Lunch)
  • No taxes or extra fees
  • $35/pp additional guests
  • 6 guests max

Optional Add-Ons

All prices in USD

Additional Guests: $35/pp (4 guests included in base rate, add up to 2 additional guests)

More Live Bait: $3/bait (10 live bait are included in base rate)