About KingFish Cabo

From sunrise to sunset: Boats and Good Times

Hey, Hey!

I’m Michael, I own and operate Kingfish Cabo alongside my wife Katy and an incredible team we’ve built over the years here in town.

Our superhero of a manager Liz always says, “I don’t feel like I work for a company, I work with my family.”

We love Liz, and you’ll love Liz too — and the rest of the team. You’ll meet them all and be in good hands.

The whole team is terrific with great personalities ready to help you make memories of a lifetime.

Our lives revolve around boats and the ocean.

From first light to dusk, it’s boats, boats, boats and most importantly: making sure you are priority number one.


Kingfish is the sister operation to our Trip Advisor ranked #1 Boat and Watersport activity, Seashine Adventures.

The same service quality and attention are being put right into Kingfish.

When you head out with us, you’ll immediately see we are focused on having the most fun on the water in town, whether it be fishing, snorkelling, sightseeing or whale watching while keeping your drinks topped up and fresh food served on every charter!


The greatest fishing experience is when you are able to perfectly balance sport, excitement, relaxation, patience and local knowledge to create lifelong memories.

With Kingfish, we want you to be more than a passenger along for the ride.

Any angler will tell you: Fishing makes friendships.

Our crew will be there to swap tales, grab you a beer, serve you a freshly made lunch aboard and teach you anything you’d like to know about fishing these waters.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a first-timer, your crew will be there to create the experience you want.

Some guests want to just relax and enjoy the view while waiting for fish to bite, others want to get right into the operation and learning about what the fish are going for these days.

It’s your choice, your boat and your experience.